Carolyn Newman

Member of Broadstone Art Society since 2009

Since Carolyn was a child, she has enjoyed drawing and painting, and gained an O-Level in Art in the 1960's. She worked in local government admin for 42 years - mainly full-time, but had little free time to pursue art until recently. As an amateur, mainly self-taught artist, she has benefitted from the workshops and friendly interaction between members in the society.

Carolyn has attended day workshops organised by the society with visiting artists and prior to that also attended workshops run by a local pastel artist. She still very much enjoys working in that medium, particularly when doing pictures of dogs and horses, but is also trying to work in other mediums - acrylic, watercolour and mixed media.

Carolyn and her husband live near Wimborne and she enjoys painting in the garden during the summer and joining the society on summer "plein-air" sessions around Dorset. Both Carolyn and her husband love Italy and she hopes to go on a painting holiday there sometime - currently she takes many photos and has also done sketches whilst there for use later.

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