Profile of Judith Ryde Watercolour Artist

Judith's artistic training and experience is possibly not standard textbook stuff. She drew as a child, and studied Art and History of Art as a Scottish Higher in her teens. Sadly, Higher Art did not equip her particularly well for using watercolours as it consisted mainly of design, life drawing (oddly enough never nudes!) still life and composition, much of it done using poster paints.

After leaving school she did not continue with her art as life got in the way. It wasn't until she retired from work as a principal lecturer and went to live in France that painting re-entered her life when she met a very talented Welsh artist whose use of watercolours is stunning. It would, therefore, not be true to say that she is self-taught, as she studied the use of watercolours as a painting medium for approximately eight years, possibly a slow learner!

She very quickly started exhibiting her work in rural France and was soon selling paintings and cards in the local area. It was only on returning to the UK in 2014, and indeed coming to Dorset, that she really found her feet. She loves the Dorset countryside and is now settled in Wimborne, where she paints almost daily.

Judith likes her colours to blend and run, although could not be described, as yet, as having a free style. She loves colours and often produces vibrant images when she remembers to darken her tones. Judith loves pattern and finds it in abundance on the Dorset coastline and in the countryside. Her latest change in style is to draw into her paintings with pen as she follows the changes of shade brought about by either the addition of water, or another colour. She thinks she might have been an illustrator in another life. Judith does not take herself too seriously, but loves her art and is on a constant learning journey among her peers.

She is a member of Blandford Art Society, Broadstone Art Society, Art4Udorset and exhibits regularly, including a solo exhibition at Dorset Art Weeks 2016.

She hopes you will like her work.

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