Previous Exhibitions

Summer 2015 Exhibition

The latest BAS Exhibition opened with the Preview on Sat evening where guests and members were welcomed by Dennis Hill, President of the Club who outlined some achievements of past and present members of the club, both professional and amateur. 
Christine Sanders, our Chairman then introduced Maggie Farmer a professional local artist who works in a variety of media who had been invited to judge the "People in Painting" competition. She is currently "artist in residence" at Pavilion Dance in Bournemouth and a few months ago came to our society to take a workshop based on the moving figure.
The Winner of the Heatley Rose Bowl  was Margaret Hasted with the painting entitled "Girl in the Red Dress" which Maggie felt was a lovely use of mixed media, with textural areas, monotone buildings in the background and abstraction of the people in the background giving a loose interpretation of the forms but with the foreground figures given more emphasis .
Runner Up - John Britton with the painting entitled" In Italy in 1958" - this she felt has a lovely sense of atmosphere and she liked the reduced colour palette.
Maggie also commended work by Sally Ann Staples  "Landscape of the Human Form", Gill Hunt "Summer Read" which Maggie felt was very accomplished, Patricia Burns' montage "10 Minute Drawing" in which she liked the line work used and she liked the composition of Andrea Hook's "Frank and Honor's Discussion over a Crossword."

Margaret Hasted and Maggie Farmer with the winning painting and the Heatley Rose Bowl

John Britton's "In Italy in 1958".



Heatley Rose Bowl - commended works

These pictures were those particularly commended by Maggie Farmer in the People in Painting category  at the Summer Exhibition - these include one of the images from our poster "Frank and Honor's discussion over a Crossword" a pencil drawing by Andrea Hook, " "Summer Read"  an acrylic by Gill Hunt, Patricia Burns' montage "10 minute Life Drawing" by Patricia Burns and "Landscape of the Human Form" by Sally Ann Staples.

Frank and Honor's discussion over a Crosswordby Andrea Hook

Summer Read by Gill Hunt













10 minute Life Drawing by Patricia Burns
Landscape of the Human Form by Sally Ann Staples

After the final session of the Summer Exhibition on 29th August Christine Sanders, Chairperson was pleased to say that the exhibition had been successful both in terms of sales and artistically with the large variety of work on show. 
The award for the most popular painting at the exhibition, voted by the public was won by Jeffrey Bradley for his painting “Low Tide at Sandbanks”.  This painting was also one of those chosen for the posters advertising the exhibition as was Andrea Hook’s painting "Frank and Honor's Discussion over a Crossword."
Jeff was also chosen by Dennis Hill as the winner of the “Presidents’ Award”.  Jeff has exhibited and sold work at the Society of Marine Artists’ Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London and at The Festival of the Sea, Portsmouth.  He has also received commissions including one to raise money for the RNLI in memory of “Cheeky Rafiki”, the yacht lost at sea early in 2014.

The Raffle Prize painting, kindly donated by member Lesley Fuller was won by Ed Billam
Jeffrey Bradley & his painting “Low Tide at Sandbanks”
Dennis Hill presents Jeffrey with the “Presidents’ Award”


















Spring 2015 Exhibition

The Broadstone Art Society spring exhibition ‘Altered Images’ was held at the Gallery Upstairs Upton Country Park Poole Dorset from 19th of February until Monday 2nd of March. The opening of the Art exhibition in the Gallery Upstairs at Upton Country Park was very well attended and local artist Helen Talbot, was there to judge and officially open the exhibition.


Helen Talbot’s critique about the winner of this award, Lee James is below along with the Highly Commended works including “Ochre Cliffs of Roussillon,” which was chosen as the image for the posters.

"When I arrived at the Opening of Broadstone Art Group’s exhibition Altered Images my first thought was WOW.

Exciting, colourful and exuberant.

Setting the project last year was not only a daunting experience for the artists, but also one for me, because I know how difficult it is to take on board something new and work through a series of experiments that results in a work of art that is not something you normally do especially when these would eventually be in a public exhibition, open to judgement by discerning viewers.

In this case, the artists embraced the project in an enthusiastic and committed way and the results were delightfully interesting, diverse and demonstrated the motivation involved.

It was a very difficult task for me to decide a winner and 2 runners up, and I spent at least half an hour walking around making a very long list.

However as soon as I walked around the first time I knew that the work Lee had produced was the one I had to place as the winner. Her commitment to the topic, research journal and the way she had used previous work, sketches and research to create not one but two excellent pieces of work was the deciding factor in my decision. The colour, design, content and media used were thoughtful, enthusiastic, and demonstrated her involvement in creating significant pieces of art.

I would just like to congratulate all the artists who exhibited their work and to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and look forward to the next one."

Helen Talbot

'Ganges' by Lee James

'Ochre Cliffs of Roussilon (Centre)' & Artist Chris Saxton




'Crosswheel' by Margarete Tucknott
'Elated Mirage' by Margaret Hasted












'Tiptoe Through The Tulips' by Iris McCrow
'Chalk Ridge' by John Britton









'Summer Day at Springhead' by Gill Hunt










Summer 2014 Exhibition

The Broadstone Art Society’s Exhibition came to a close yesterday after a busy week with over 400 visitors . We sold 11 framed paintings and 11 portfolio paintings so yet another successful exhibition for the club.
The president’s award awarded to the member showing significant development and progress in their work went to Christine Saunders.
The Heatley Rose bowl for the use of People in Landscapes, was judged by Margarete Tucknott went to Andrea Hook for her painting ‘The Cocklers’ (Acrylic) , 2nd place Carl Richardson and 3rd Brenda Evans.
The best in show as voted by the public also went to Andrea Hook for ‘The Cocklers’, 2nd place was Iris McCrow for ‘Low Tide’ and 3rd Brenda Evans.
Iris McCrow (chairperson) closed the exhibition and thanked everyone who put so much hard work into making the event a wonderful display of Art. She also went on to say that this would be her last exhibition as Chairperson and thanked all who have supported her throughout her term.
So we can now look forward to the next exhibition in the spring.
David Herrington.

`Spring on Upton Heath’ by Gill Faraway


Spring 2014 Exhibition

Broadstone Art Society Spring 2014 Exhibition

Nicky Brunt from the Dorset Wildlife Trust opened the Spring exhibition on Saturday 19th of April and said how pleased she was to be involved with the Broadstone Art Society Exhibition, our President Dennis Hill introduced her to a roomful of visitors and she went on to say a few words about the Living Landscape project.
The Great Heath is a historical name for the vast heath that used to stretch from Purbeck to the New Forest.  Today the picture is rather different, with much of the heath having disappeared through building of houses, businesses and roads, agricultural changes and planting of forests. 
The remnants of this landscape with its scattered heaths, grasslands, woodlands, rivers, ponds, harbours and other urban greenspaces and gardens still make up an amazing wildlife resource, with significant areas of national and international importance.  The area has been described by Natural England as one of the most important areas for wildlife in the country. We are very thankful to our many generous supporters for their donations and tremendous fundraising efforts. We raised £2.0 million through partners and fundraising by the end of March 2014 and secured £2.7 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund, following their funding of the development phase last summer. The £4.7 million raised is the total needed to purchase the Canford Estate sites and to kick start the Great Heath project. Longer term, some aspects of the project will need further funding.

Our chairperson Iris McCrow thanked her for opening the exhibition and also thanked to team who had spent all day Friday setting up the exhibition, without their help it would not be possible to hold such an event.
Helen Talbot a local artist judged the category for the most innovative work and announced the commended work first, Barbara Davis, Penny Young, Julie Lister, Margarette Tucknot, and Kathe Holt. The Margaret Cleave Award went to April Skinner for her unique display of images of her face printed onto Acetate sheets hanging freely enabling the light to shine through.

Sue Bates a local artist judged the Heatley Rose Bowl award, The best painting with a floral theme, Commended were as followers in no particular order ; Lesley Fuller for her Camellias and Fritillaries(watercolour and Ink)Julia Lister for Lilies 1(charcoal), and Chris Crosby for her Bucket of Tulips 9mixed media), and the winner was Thea Hodgson with her painting ‘A Splash of Colour’ which Sue described as a dramatic, eye catching use of paint, very difficult to control the wet on wet technique with superb shapes in the background which takes a high degree and skill to pull off.  

The members award voted by the members of the society were as follows, 3rd place Hilary Seagrief, - 2nd John Britton ‘This is me aged four’,- 1st place Roy Page ‘Self Portrait’.

The Worth Cup, the most popular painting voted by the public, went to Jeff Bradley for his painting ‘Heading Home’  2nd John Britton , ‘This is me aged four’ – joint 3rd, Sarah James with ‘ King of the Castle’ and Dennis Hill with  ‘Blue Pool’.
The raffle won by Sheila Whiting was a painting kindly donated by Dennis Hill.
The raffle for the Dorset Wildlife trust was won by Vicky Titley and Brian Tucknot.
Another successful exhibition with over 600 visitors over the week and the sales were good again with12 framed paintings sold along with 6 portfolio paintings and a good selection of cards sold also.

Jill Hunt and Dennis Hill closed the exhibition thanking all the people who helped to make it a success and Jill also said  that  the club will be participating in the Broadstone summer Family Fun Day on Sunday 13 July From 12.30  to. 4pm. Members will be able to sell cards at that event.

Warm regards

David Herrington